5 Favorite Classpass workouts on the Westside  (Los Angeles)

5 Favorite Classpass workouts on the Westside (Los Angeles)

I have to confess, I am not the type of person that gets amped up at the thought of exercising. I don’t love to workout, mainly because I am, admittedly, lazy AF. It’s a really bad habit, I know, and one I feel I will be perpetually trying to break for the rest of my life. Just the thought of waking up at 6AM and hitting the gym or going straight to yoga after a long day of work makes me tired. I quickly gave up the notion of working out in the morning because whatever is at the complete opposite end of the spectrum of a morning person, that’s me, and then some.

There are a few classes, however, that can get me to muster up the energy to put on a sports bra and some leggings at the end of the day and break a sweat on a weeknight. Also the fact that I am already paying for Classpass is encouragement enough to get out of the house and try and live a bit of a healthier lifestyle. (both for my wallet and for my waistline.) Since I live west of the 405, I have rounded up my favorite classes between Brentwood and Santa Monica that don’t involve too much cardio. Any workout I can do without moving from one spot is good in my books! And being able to support locally and independently owned studios is also more incentive to get my butt in shape. Here are my 5 favorite Classpass workouts on the Westside. Have a look:

Barreworks Brentwood (only 4-8 Classpass credits)

11740 San Vicente Ave. Ste 210, Los Angeles

Up an inch! Down an inch! These words will be seared into your brain the more and more you go to Barreworks… but honestly, it’s not a bad thing. It’s comforting to know you can get an amazing workout with very small movements. High effort, low intensity. That’s the best way I can describe this class. The tucking and squeezing are subtle, but you must concentrate to ensure you’re putting all your muscles into the movements. The music is great and the atmosphere is bright, positive and inviting. Every instructor I have had fit a similar mold so any class you choose should be pretty consistent. If you don’t follow a set schedule or have the same instructor each time, you should still have a similar experience. Bonus points for location where you can walk to sweetgreen and grab a salad after class… or maybe some froyo!

Barreworks Brentwood
Barreworks Brentwood

YogaHop Santa Monica (only 7 Classpass credits!)

1612 Montana Ave, 2nd floor, Santa Monica

If you like yoga and dance music, or pop music, or Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, or Beyonce, then YogaHop is the place for you! The way I describe it is Yoga Flow to dance music. It’s relaxing yet not boring and it’s upbeat yet not on the brink of death like SoulCycle. (at least that’s how I feel about it… sorry to all you spin fanatics, I just can’t do it!). It’s not necessarily for beginners as the instructor works their way around the room verbally calling out the moves and not demonstrating. But if you know the basics as to what Crescent pose and Warrior 1-2-3 are, then you should be able to follow along just fine. If you are feeling unsure, look to your left or right, someone will know what they’re doing. You can just follow along. The first 15 minutes is basically a warmup and the last 15 minutes is all stretching and shavasana anyway. So it’s really only 30 minutes of intensity that almost anyone should be able to handle. My favorite instructor is Matthew whose Mon/Wed 6:30PM or 7:45PM Candlelight classes are such a great way to end a busy workday.

PS. one thing to note: the entrance is in the back of the building behind Pinkberry!

PPS. If you really love it they have an amazing Groupon deal for 10 classes for $49. WORTH. IT.!

PlateFit Brentwood (7-10 Classpass credits)

13050 San Vicente Blvd #208, Los Angeles

Do you love pushing yourself until you’re on the brink of death and then feel extremely satisfied once you’re done? No? Cool, Me neither. But I do like feeling as though I got a 60+ mins workout in less than 30 and still burn calories for another 24 hours. That’s exactly what Platefit does. You push yourself to the maximum on a vibrating platform that is constantly activating your muscles for a full 27 mins. Your body feels like it’s been working out for over an hour and you can leave feeling accomplished after 30 mins.


Pilates Place Santa Monica (10 Classpass credits)

1506 Montana Ave, Santa Monica

Semi private Pilates at the cost of a group class? Sign me up! That’s sometimes what it feels like at Pilates Place since there are only seven reformers. Especially when class isn’t full, the instructor has more time to spend with each individual. She ensures everyone is correct in their form and helps answer any questions. This class is extremely inviting for every level as the instructor offers modifications to increase or tone down the move.

Mighty Pilates Santa Monica (10 Classpass credits)

625 Montana Ave, Santa Monica

Another full body workout in under an hour? Sign me up! This Pilates class is only 50 minutes and split between the reformer and the other half in the TRX room. It’s definitely a challenge, but much less than the reformers that have handles and bars coming out of every direction. You leave feeling refreshed and energized and ready for a coffee or bite at one of the many spots up Montana St.

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