8 Mother’s Day Gifts that Are Also Good for Others

8 Mother’s Day Gifts that Are Also Good for Others

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and unfortunately, macaroni arts and crafts just won’t cut it anymore. Instead of getting your mom something last minute you find at the store, take a look at some of the amazing gifts curated below that also give back! Get something for your mom that really shows you care with these 8 Mother’s Day Gifts that Are Also Good for Others.

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1. Conscious Coconut Oil

Perhaps the most versatile Mother’s Day gift that exists. Split ends need some love? Coconut oil. Dry skin? Coconut oil. Stretch Marks? Coconut Oil. Oatmeal need a boost? Coconut oil. No joke, check out Conscious Coconut’s site about all the health benefits of coconut oil. What’s even better? They promote fair trade practices every step of the way. The Conscious Coconut tubes are then packaged by adults with mental and developmental disabilities at the MacDonald Training Center located in Tampa, Florida. And for every product sold, they donate a meal to a child in need through Feeding America food banks. ARE YOU KIDDING?? I’ll take 10 please!

Coconut oil can be used in your oatmeal!

2. Sand Cloud Towel

Going on a family vacation soon or live near the beach year round? Even if you just live near a park, Sandcloud towels is the perfect gift. Their handwoven Turkish towels are the perfect gift for the mom who like to enjoy the outdoors. The lightweight, quick drying towel is perfect for a trip to the beach or a picnic in the park. And the best part? 10% of proceeds goes to marine life organizations to #savethefishies. Shop here and use code DNASHEN507 for 15% off your order!

This style is made from recycled fabric!

3. Toms

As if the brand wasn’t giving enough with their one for one model. For every pair of shoes sold, Toms donated another to someone in need. In November, TOMS announced “End Gun Violence Together.” A campaign aimed at helping end the epidemic in America and kickstarting an evolution to the brand’s giving model. To launch the campaign, TOMS donated $5 million to nonprofits working to end gun violence (including Everytown for Gun Safety, Faith in Action, March for Our Lives, and Moms Demand Action). Toms was already a company to be admired and now even moreso. Here are just a few of my fave items to choose from for this Mother’s Day that goes to support vital causes. Shop here!

Toms cozy blanket
No photo description available.

4. The Gentle Pit

Needing a card that says all the right things? Look no further than The Gentle Pit’s Mother’s Day card. Not only do they have adorable products across the board, but the Gentle Pit team volunteers at animal rescue organizations, fosters dogs awaiting adoption, and they donate at least 10% of profits to their rescue partners, like Wags & Walks!

5. The Little Market

Where to even begin with The Little Market?! Literally everything on here is a slam dunk and some items are already on my list of 6 Self Care Products that Are Also Good for Others. Call me obsessed I guess. A picture frame that empowers artisans at Matr Boomie in India? “Add to cart!” (shop here). Showing your bombshell mom what you really think about her while donating to empower new mothers with tools to create a healthy childhood and break the cycle of foster care? I’ll take 2 of these bags please!


Is your mom a health care provider? Then make her the most stylish one in the ward! For each pair of scrubs sold, Figs gives a set of scrubs to a healthcare provider in need. Shop the look here!

7. Box Lunch

Get something for Mom and feed hungry people? I don’t know a better way to kill two birds with one stone. For every $10 sold at Box Lunch, they donate a meal to Feeding America! So with the purchase of this adorable spa set, you’ve helped feed two hungry people! Shop it here. We love their mantra too, #getsomegiveback.

8. Lula’s Garden

Does your mom have a green thumb? No? Well this gift is perfect whether she’s good or bad at keeping plants alive. Lula’s Garden creates unique and easy to ship succulent gift boxes that can be beautifully displayed in your mom’s home. Lula’s Garden proudly supports organizations that help improve lives around the world by providing access to safe water, including Water.org. Shop here!

Get something for your mom that really shows you care with these 8 Mother’s Day Gifts that Are Also Good for Others.

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