About #Goals4Good

Hey! My name is Danielle. I am a Marketing Manager. Puppy Obsessor. Nutella Eater. Tomato Hater. Candle Lover. Proud Canadian. LA Dweller. Newlywed. Pasta Devourer. Crazy Dog Mom. Wannabe World Traveler. and probably some other things I haven’t even discovered yet!

Goals 4 Good is my mission to make small personal goals that also help the greater good.

It all started when I was asked to write about my passion, which lead me to realize that I wasn’t quite sure exactly what my passion was. So, I made it my goal to search for my passion while exploring many different curiosities that might lead me there. The catch? Most, if not everything I do, has to also be good for others in some way.

  • In need of some self care? Let’s look for an all-natural, cruelty-free face mask.
  • Looking for a birthday gift for your friend? Choose a brand that includes a charitable element as part of their mission.
  • Is it your goal to up your home decor game? Find locally-made products made by artisans in third world countries.
  • Made a new years resolution to workout more? Choose an independently owned studio,

There are so many ways to make little everyday (or every week or yearly) goals that are also good for others. So join me in making these small goals to help the greater good!