8 Furriendly Spots in Los Angeles: Westside Edition

*This post originally appeared on Wags & Walks' blog and has since been updated with additional spots* Are you a dog mom/dad? foster? dog sitter? Or have you just borrowed your friend’s dog for a day for some much needed puppy love? Do you also live in LA? Then you are pretty darn lucky because Los Angeles may be one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. Whether it’s a dog bowl outside every door…


Finally Finding The Perfect Puppy

Yes, I am starting this with “finally” because I have been yearning for a dog literally my entire life. From the moment I pet my first fluffy puppy, likely before I could walk and talk, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. And literally all I would ever talk about. After quickly learning of my obsession, people would always ask me if I ever had a dog growing up. My answer was always, “no… I had a…

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