Finally Finding The Perfect Puppy

Finally Finding The Perfect Puppy

Yes, I am starting this with “finally” because I have been yearning for a dog literally my entire life. From the moment I pet my first fluffy puppy, likely before I could walk and talk, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. And literally all I would ever talk about. After quickly learning of my obsession, people would always ask me if I ever had a dog growing up. My answer was always, “no… I had a father.” He was not allergic or anything, he just didn’t want one, and what he says goes.

So, I tried the next best thing… stealing my neighbors dogs. JK, I didn’t steal them. I would literally go door to door, down my block on a weekly, if not daily basis, asking if I could borrow their dogs and take them on a walk. Looking back, they were probably thrilled; Free dog walk! But I was never happier than when I was strutting down the street, leash in hand, pretending, just for a moment, that this dog was my own.

Little Girl and Puppy

Since then, the obsession turned to passion. When I finally moved into a place that allows dogs, I begged my (now) husband to get a puppy immediately. Well… he said no, but offered understandable reasoning;

  • We both worked full time
  • It was not financially feasible
  • We both lead very busy lives and did not have the time to care for a puppy.
  • All valid points.

Passion Turned to Purpose

I internally kicked and screamed for a while (and maybe externally once or twice) but I knew he was right. So I tried the next best thing. I reached out to Wags & Walks, a rescue organization in West LA, and applied to become a foster. We got to foster about 6-8 dogs over 2 years and played a small part in helping these pups find their furrever homes (see what I did there…!).

Finally! My own puppy… almost.

After we got engaged, the deal was that I could finally get the puppy I was dreaming about my entire life! The catch? I had to wait until after the wedding… and our engagement lasted almost 18 months. Once again though, he was right. That year and a half was jam packed with wedding planning and flying back and forth to Canada for venue tours, bridal showers and lots of planning sessions. While I would have loved a little furry friend by my side during some of those stressful moments, the responsible thing to do was wait until our lives calmed down a little. So, I took my husband for his word and 2 weeks to the day after we said our “I do’s,” little Peanut Tolchin came wobbling into our lives.

Peanut the Puppy
Mr. Peanut

Whenever people would ask me, “What kind of dog do you want when Matt finally agrees to get you one?” My answer was always, “I don’t care, I just want to rescue a little fluffy guy that will be small enough to travel with so I never have to leave him!” Peanut is literally better than any puppy I could have imagined. He’s fluffy, and cuddly, and kissy, and all he ever wants to do is play. We’re working on getting him to stop barking at every human he encounters (he’s a bit of a scaredy cat… ironic, I know). I have been wanting a dog literally my entire life and I am ready and excited to take on the challenge of training and shaping this puppy into the most perfect dog he can be!

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  1. What a beautiful story – and a very very cute puppy. You can truly see how loved he is. 🙂

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