Your Uncertainty is Welcome Here

Doesn’t it seem as if from the moment you have the ability to walk and talk, you are faced with an infinite amount of decisions to make? Do you want the red or blue toy? Do you want mac and cheese or a turkey sandwich for lunch? (tough one, I know) Should you date Kyle or Jon? (I mean, Kyle is super hot, but Jon is just so nice!) These all seem pretty trivial until…


What if I Don’t Have a Passion?

Sometimes I wonder, do I not have a passion? Or, perhaps, am I multi passionate? Or maybe I’m just a curious person. There are a lot of things I like, some things I love and definitely a few things that I hate. (Like Tomatoes… ew.) But are there any things that I am truly passionate about that I really want to dedicate all my free time (or even my career) towards? How would I even…

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