Your Uncertainty is Welcome Here

Your Uncertainty is Welcome Here

Doesn’t it seem as if from the moment you have the ability to walk and talk, you are faced with an infinite amount of decisions to make?

  • Do you want the red or blue toy?
  • Do you want mac and cheese or a turkey sandwich for lunch? (tough one, I know)
  • Should you date Kyle or Jon? (I mean, Kyle is super hot, but Jon is just so nice!)
so many choices, so much uncertainty, too many decisions

These all seem pretty trivial until you come to a point in your life where your decisions actually have a more significant impact.

The Bigger Questions

  • Where do you want to go to college?
  • What do you want to study?
  • Is college even the right choice for you?

These decisions aren’t unique in any way. Millions of other people are making these decisions at the same time all over the world. But, once all these decisions have been made, you’ve kick started your career and moved into your first grown-up apartment, the really tough decisions that impact which direction your life is headed should stop, right? Wrong! This is when the bigger questions start to arise.

The Biggest Questions

Some people, “the lucky ones,” as I like to call them, have it all figured out from a very young age. They’ve always wanted to be a doctor, they want to have kids as soon as they get married, they know they will get their MBA after a few years in the workforce. But what about the rest of us? Surely, on the brink of turning 30 (and beyond), we should be pretty comfortable in our careers and (if already married) know when and where we want to have a family. But… what if we’re not? Everyone around us seems to have their sh*t together and are advancing in their careers, relationships and everything in between. Or… does it just look like that from the outside?

Uncertain path

Uncertainty comes at, what seems like, every moment in our lives. From insignificant questions like “should I really spend that much on that dress?” to more important matters such as, “how much should I be allocating to my 401K?” to “Is this really the industry I want to work in for the rest of my life?” How do you know if you are making the right decision? Well… sometimes you just don’t. And that’s ok. Every single person around you is likely unsure of not only a decision they’ve made in their lifetime, but often unsure of a decision they made this week or even today. There’s one thing you must remember when facing uncertainty where you feel like you have a near impossible decision on the horizon; You. Are. Not. Alone.

A Passion for Compassion?

My biggest uncertainty right now is that I have no freaking clue what my passion is (honestly, it seems at this point that my passion is making lists). At first I was really nervous to decide on just one passion since it wasn’t obvious to me in the first place. (There it is again, fear of uncertainty and making the wrong the decision.) But then I realized that if I am going to be exploring a number of curiosities that might turn out to be my passion, what is there to be afraid of?

Some of these explorations will turn out to be positive and some won’t… then I’ll just have something to cross off my list. But I am giving myself one caveat. Everything I explore has to have some form of positive impact. Whether environmental, social, economical, whathaveyou… I want whatever I do to not only be good for me but for those around me as well. Whether it’s exploring different workout classes and helping others find a good one as well, or shopping for a gift and finding brands that have a giving aspect associated with their mission or finding self care products that aren’t just good for myself but others as well. My goal is to explore countless curiosities that serve the greater good… or even just the smaller good. After all, I am just one person.

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  1. at 30 I finally decided what I want to do… I’ll be 31 in March and It’s risky but I love it! My husband and I make it work but sometimes it is hard. But You gotta risk it if you want it, right?!

    1. What did you decide Ashli?? I’m sure it’s worth the risk!

  2. Awhhh! Keep living and eventually your passion will just naturally come to you! Keep exploring ♥️ I wish you all the luck and success in your journey of blogging !!

  3. Ao wow. This is the most relatable post for me – that I have read in a long time:) I call it the constant state of searching. I have been a champion of that, and you know what? I stopped judging myself for that and realized I only gained more knowledge, more experiences, more people in my life thanks to that. Such a great post!!

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